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My Main Concern Is How to Fix The Japanese Sex Doll in The Box



The weight of the doll is a problem. If I weigh less than 150 pounds, I can treat Japanese sex dolls as "boxes." Any of the above, you are now shipping "freight" and the cost has soared. Wood quickly increases the total weight. If you use 2 or 3 layers of cardboard, the cardboard is very strong. My main concern is how to fix the doll inside. The plywood boxes used are large and large. Only two people can lift it with the doll inside. Due to its size and weight, it is also difficult to transport. I know that dolls need a safe shipping package. But I think the box is an overkill and in some ways increases the likelihood of a damaged doll. Because it is much more difficult to handle such a huge box.

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In addition, boxes can be more expensive, materials and additional shipping costs. The volume may be 50% larger than the Japanese sex doll. The boxes are also large and don't need to be that big. The abyss puts the baby on the head and needs to increase the height on the box. There is a very large room under the doll's foot. The absorption quality of styrofoam blocks is not better than that of foam packaging, but if they leave no space and foam packaging, then the Nuggets are even better. Does not cause damage to the eyelashes during transportation. Trimming the box makes it easy to recycle it. Also note that the corners of the box have twice the thickness. This is true in all corners, which greatly increases the strength of the box. It is impossible to pack dolls in a way that is very difficult to damage. Ensuring internal security is to ensure that sex dolls do not enter the interior.

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