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Thanks to Those Who Shared Japanese Sex Doll with Me



Hi, everybody! Just want to thank those who continue to share the experience of sex dolls with me. I am reading everything carefully. If you don't mind, I will contact you about the content you sent. Special thanks to the people I talked to - some good ideas, especially the "mystery valley". Two things I want to know, if I might ask: Do you all feel "stunned" by your doll? I personally added that I will find the dolls a bit weird in my house! They are life-size (more or less) and they cast shadows. When I enter my apartment after work, they sit under the dim light. Wait a second time, I am always a little scared of all the more practical problems of the doll.

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Do you need to spend a lot of time keeping your Japanese sex doll in good shape. A list of common repairs/issues that need to be completed will be very useful. For example, one thing I want to know is a wig. Do you need to shampoo them? More personal is the "small hole." Someone told me that "recovery" meant repairing the fake vagina. I realize that this is quite personal, so feel free to email me if you wish. Silicone has no smell of its own, but it takes away the smell around it. This is why I put on new clothes before using powder on sex dolls. This is part of the care that dolls often get. I was also surprised to buy a celebrity card that you sometimes see in the store. Sex dolls should be cleaned and powdered regularly to keep lint and dust.

2019-09-02 06:07:20

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