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Different Method of Hanging Dolls

urdolls 06/18/2019

We are discussing a different method of shooting a hanging doll. Something that can move along the track, like an overhead trolley, or as simple as a curtain rod. What started as a monorail developed into the entire system. .

I like the idea of resistance, so I can tilt the doll and she won't slide. When I took the photo, I had a hook for her to lift, and the other made her unable to fall forward. I can do the same thing with the pillars, but I want to prevent the back hooks from slipping. The advantage is that you can hang silicone sex doll anywhere in the room, or hang them on the joists, or connect the other struts and hang a doll between them.

Maybe you like that some parts are really big or small, or you may always feel embarrassed about a celebrity. You can buy dolls directly from the sex doll website, there are hundreds of choices - male and female. Even entry-level full-size dolls will give you at least $1,000, which is very cheap. Of course, this is not the entire market. Some people just like how crazy and realistic they are.

The track is 10 feet long and costs less than $20 each. It is a steel U-shaped channel used primarily for the installation of control boxes, ducts and various industrial systems. The final idea is to connect the floor joists at the top of the carpet to approximately every 4Th joist to provide a grid that spans the entire room. You can then fix a smaller length on these "sides" so you can hang anything from anywhere in the room.

In addition to the channel itself, there are some accessories we make, made by super sports cars. Some products are available in stores, and some are purchased online. This shows the channel's profile. A drill hole is drilled along the span on the perforated side and then a reverse drill is drilled so that the 1 inch grub screw used to mount it to the joist will be flush.

There is also a "capture nut" that can be inserted anywhere in the track and/or along the track. The eyebolts are 3/8-16 X 1 1/4 eyebolts that I purchased on the Internet. The track is mounted on the ceiling. The width is the same as the joist. Pay attention to the countersunk screws. The catch nut in the track... this can slide along the track.

Close-up detail of the nut. They are rectangular so they can be placed in the track and rotated if needed. The grooves along the sides are what slide along the track. The plastic cone holds the nut in place. The sex doll is hung on the eye bolt...but if there is another nut and eyebolt, the sex doll can be installed anywhere. Or the track can slide anywhere.

There are some good resistance to the dolls that may have a 15-20 pound pull. The spring nuts on the back will hang on the slots, so I cut them off. The spring is used like a plastic washer to hold the nut in place when you screw it in, otherwise the nut will lift and rotate as you push the bolt up. The nut is not retracted to slide along the strut.

The dolls can also be on different pillars and can slide along the pillars once in place. Please note the three eyebolts. I can take a photo in one place. Then move them to different eyes, and now you can only get the same lens from behind, then stick the doll tightly to the wall. I also have the same white background.

Also note that the sex doll can not only slide along the struts, but her modifier is fixed by the dog clip so she can rotate 360* without unscrewing the eyebolts or loosening the eyebolts. It is important to mount the struts on the joists because you connect the vertical struts to the eyebolts through the slots on the back. A ten-foot section will span three joists and provide plenty of room for you and your partner.

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