Will Sex Dolls Rationalize The Cost of Marriage?

urdolls 07/02/2019

Many people like oral sex, but their partners may not want to do this, or they don't do it often. Sex dolls can do it all. Some will even let you customize everything in nipple color and pubic hair pattern! If you are looking for a true companion, not just a sex toy, a real doll is the only way out. It is impossible for the fat man of the wardrobe full of sex dolls, the stereotype of the rich old pervert.

There is actually no way to compare the cost of ownership of a sex doll with the cost of hiring a prostitute. Are those prostitutes as beautiful as the dolls you admire? Will their beauty last for hours, days, weeks or years? When they are not engaged in sex, will they be present? Prostitutes can give you 'pretending love', but as long as the money persists.

There are different ways of sex life. Focus on a partner, hire a prostitute, focus on a few partners, only masturbation, hunting. They are comparable in some respects and different in others. Living with a sex doll has become another person.

Will people rationalize the cost of marriage? If they do, they will compare the marriage to other sexual lifestyles they like or consider. Doll ownership is not the most expensive. If that is important.

A few doll owners who are fortunate enough to have a wife, girlfriend or "important others" are blessed. In addition to your own imagination, dolls can't love you. They can't do anything spontaneous or weird. They can't give you a present or a party on your birthday.

Not everyone who owns a doll or wants a doll is a lonely loser and can't date. Some of us choose not to join the dating circuit for a variety of reasons. Some people don't want to have a lasting relationship with the living, but we still want the doll to be beautiful, soft and sexy. Even if you don't actively pay attention to the doll, the doll will appear in the room.

Years ago, I heard that 40% of Christian marriages ended in divorce. Through "Christian," this speaker means that both husband and wife are believers in the Bible. If people with this belief-driven value system are hard to get together, that doesn't bode well for those of us who have different beliefs or no belief at all.

People do a lot of things to increase their comfort and happiness. For some people, buying a doll is a good investment. It is not just a sex toy, but a new hobby. I met a lot of great people through this hobby and made many new friends. The return of doll ownership far exceeds the cost.