What Is The Best Sex Doll Cleaning Tool?

urdolls 06/25/2019

The owner of a sex doll may want to rub or rub with a soft and faded material during vaginal cleaning. It is the best cleaning tool because it is economical, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, soft, safe and healthy. People can easily grab or deal with it, and interesting facts can be reused multiple times.

Then, use a soft absorbent towel and gently pat the sex doll after cleaning. Do not use a hair dryer because if the heat is too concentrated, it can sometimes damage the skin. More importantly, incorrect sex doll cleaning will have a negative impact on the life of the doll.

The sex doll body consists of detachable or non-movable holes and should be cleaned regularly, with great care and attention. The detachable holes are arms, legs, heads, feet, hands, etc. Non-removable holes are vagina, neck, hair, etc. After thoroughly drying, gently wipe the refreshing powder with the attached brush. This will help remove any residual moisture and keep her skin soft.

Wigs should be washed separately with a mild shampoo and allowed to air dry. If you use a hair dryer, you may damage your hair. Sex dolls or regular dolls can rupture or stain when cleaned with chemically hazardous cleaners and liquids. There are very few instructions to keep in mind when cleaning a doll after sex.

An important problem is that bacteria can degrade the body of the doll and dissipate its structure, reducing the beauty and clarity of facial features over time. Pay more attention to keeping your doll's head away from the water. You can use a damp cloth and a little soapy water to clean your head. Wash the doll's body with mild soapy water.

If sex dolls are not cleaned or properly monitored, they become boring, dull and not so happy during sex. Remove the wig before cleaning. Shampoos and conditioners can be used to wash wigs. The doll's head and body are cleaned separately. When you dry her, do not use hot water that can cause TPE skin tearing and loss of elasticity.

Adult dolls are made of soft silicone for extra comfort. These dolls range in price from $900 to $1,500 and can last long enough to get a lot of fun and give you an idea of the ideal doll. You may want to know if "real life" dolls can really replace real things, or whether they are just a pale imitation. This is an interesting world where everyone has a relationship, including sex doll relationships.