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Is There Any Way to Lock The Sex Doll Closet?

urdolls 06/18/2019

The origins of sex dolls date back to the 17th century. During this period, sailors from France, Spain and the Netherlands began designing them during long overseas voyages. They have problems with their bodies and don't like it. This is also evident in clothing and sexy underwear. If you can have a seemingly authentic love doll, why do you need a partner who never listens, talks too much, or doesn't want to do anything in bed?

I have a big wardrobe, and my sex dolls are perfect for them. Great for hiding tourists. However, they are not locked, so anyone can open the closet. I want to install the locks, but they must be hidden and it is best to be simple and not too much damage to the closet. I am not going to burglary for my closet. Just to prevent guests from opening them without checking.

I have some way to do this, but I am not very embarrassed, I may not have the best solution. My silicone sex doll closet has 2 doors open in the middle. Above the doll, about 1/3 from the ceiling, is an unremovable shelf that is part of the closet structure, so it's very strong. I have considered placing the lock itself somewhere in it, it is close enough to the center, so I don't need to lock it elsewhere, like the bottom and top.

When it comes to enjoying being safer to play this type of doll, it avoids the girl getting pregnant. Dolls are ideal for those who want to get the first character dolls because they provide everything you need. These dolls realize their illusions and let their “partners” explore their sexual desire without judgment or fear.

There is a gap in the middle, from top to bottom, I can put something like a thin knife. You can't enter the closet through this gap. I have been thinking about using it to access some hidden locking levers that can be manipulated with a knife. I used a deadlock. I don't know if this idea is right for your needs, but with the help of sex dolls, I will tell you how I set the closet lock for sex dolls.

My lovely assistant shows you what you see from the outside. Some carefully mounted screw heads and key positions. His wardrobe door is a double folding door that meets in the middle, but it also applies to traditional revolving doors. And it's easy to install.

I think it should be possible to place some simple locking systems where the red rectangle is, but the solution escapes me. I think you have to fix a door from the inside to the inside, from the top or bottom. Fixing the doors to each other will not be the case. My French door has a pocket latch that goes into the head. You turn the knob to lock/unlock;

The door type is known to be fragile. Their sole purpose is to provide a sexual doll line of sight barrier between their room (bedroom, hallway) and the interior of the closet. Anyone who breaks into your home will not be blocked by any locking mechanism. The only people you can stay away from these closets are those you invite to your home.

I assume that the sex doll wardrobe door cannot be hidden from view. I wonder why you want to hide the door lock because you want people to know that the door is locked. You may be thinking too much about this issue. Assuming that the door handle protrudes from the door surface, any wraparound locking mechanism will secure the door. In addition, a simple buckle lock can be installed on the door.

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