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10%OFF $600+

Many friends who want to buy sex doll

Is silicone simulation the same as silicone doll adult products? Many friends who want to buy sex doll have such questions. In fact, silica gel is a kind of material. Many portraits and foods with super high degree of simulation use silica gel, which is non-toxic and tasteless. Silicone simulation products and silicone doll adult products refer to different products produced using the same silicone material.

There are many silicone simulation products, including simulated genitals, penis, silicone leg molds, simulated breasts, etc. Of course, the most fascinating thing is of course Japanese sex doll! It can be said that silicone simulation genitals, leg molds and other silicone simulation products are part of the body of the silicone doll, the former is the body part, the latter is the whole, who is better or worse, dwarfed.

Silicone-simulated dolls or other aforementioned pudendal membranes, leg molds, upper and lower bodies, etc. are all types of sex and adult products. The silicone used in high-quality silicone simulation products can ensure the same color as real skin, and is resistant to low and high temperatures. TPE sex doll can maintain the touch of real skin. (Note: When stored under extremely low or high temperature weather or environment, there will be some changes in the silica gel. For example, if the temperature is too high, a certain amount of silicone oil will appear in the silicone simulation products. These are normal phenomena.)

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