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Sex Dolls Are Considered to Be Artworks

urdolls 07/22/2019

Different classifications of sex dolls are usually based on shape, height and weight. The main classification to consider when choosing a doll is that the upcoming doll buyer must also choose between a surrealistic look or a fantasy aesthetic. No matter which direction you go, the manufacturer will still try to “take the doll into life” in terms of appearance, shape and feel.

When people think of sex dolls, they usually think of a woman's body. Although female sex doll are the most popular, other gender dolls are also available and increasingly popular. It is possible to find male sex dolls and middleman sex dolls. Male dolls are usually anatomically correct and have a detachable penis (usually similar to a dildo).

The shemale doll has a female body but male and female genitals. The orifice is usually detachable so the owner can switch between the penis and the vagina. The image of a naked woman has always been the ideal of beauty and one of the most common motives in art. The nude women's bodies made by famous artists have countless paintings and sculptures, so it is not surprising that gender dolls attract the attention of modern artists.

Many sex dolls are so elaborate that they are considered to be works of art. Driven by the industry's erotic photography, movies and documentaries, and the emergence of pop culture neutral doll robots, the sex doll revolution will be a crazy journey. The personality of love dolls is becoming more and more prominent on social media, because both men and women are attracted by aesthetics.

The price of sex dolls ranges from a few hundred dollars to 10,000 dollars. The median market price for high-quality, realistic dolls is usually $3,000. Learn about the price of sex dolls here. According to the price, the doll includes different materials and functions. Many manufacturers allow for a lot of customization, and the range of basic models to choose from is expanding every day.