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Handsome 168CM Lance Hicks Sex Doll Customer's Reviews


Product Detail

This sex doll has great value for me, and I will pin my feelings on the dead husband on him. Thank you for your recommendation, he is perfect. Get crazy quickly through quality transportation. Shipping is a discrete commitment. Come to the ordinary cardboard box. No obvious defects, stains or tears. It also includes a random piece of clothing, a hole changer and a flusher. It has almost no smell. The most realistic sex doll I have ever seen.

Date Added: 2019-08-24 01:54:30 by Webb Camilla

The lips are soft. Butt is crazy. The same dolls are sold at exorbitant prices on other websites. I observed it for a long time and finally decided to buy it here. The life of a sex doll is the result of today's advanced technology, the ultimate source of pleasure and pleasure without hurting one's feelings.