Thick Lips 158CM Ophelia Evans Sex Doll Customer's Reviews


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If you are inexperienced with any type of adult product, I recommend that you use a smaller, more maintainable sex doll to adapt to it. This doll is so realistic... letting her collect dust makes her feel very strange. Think of it as an exotic prop or piece of furniture! If this is your first purchase, I think working with urdolls is a good choice. She is perfect, as the seller described. They said they spent a lot of energy to make their sex doll beautiful and they were right.

Date Added: 2019-08-15 12:07:16 by Walter

The doll is commensurate with the proportion of 18-year-old girls. Good enough for me, my other doll is a 5ft 2 inch curved plump heavy doll, about 120 pounds, so this is a good relief, the location is endless.