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Acquired Sex Dolls for Artistic Purposes



If I see a man who announces that he has a sex doll, I personally will be a little delayed. This is not the toy itself, because when it comes down to it, the sexual intercourse with the doll is masturbation, who is not masturbating? In fact, he is willing to spend such a big sum of money on masturbation assistance! However, this is not money. In fact, those who spend so much on sex toys may be. Absolutely addicted to sex and sex experiments, so you may want to do sex, I will feel uncomfortable, such as threesome. A perfectionist about the female body. If I have sex with a man with a luxurious doll, I will always be physically self-conscious. Unfair (for me) but not true.

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Do you know? If you can't hide a sex doll, or for any other reason, be forced to let your date/girlfriend know her. I think you should say that it is difficult for you to go beyond a man who has a doll to be a little desperate. This is a way to get her for artistic purposes. No offense, but closed. From a rational point of view, I really appreciate that many people with dolls are not desperate. But surely having a doll will make you more likely to be desperate about your date/girlfriend. I think this will almost certainly make most women think twice. Or, if you are not an artist and your girlfriend knows this, please tell her that your friend is the artist. Just kidding. At least at the beginning. Don't let your girlfriend have sex with a sex doll. Unless you know her very well and are sure that she will not be insulted.

2019-07-09 07:40:12

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