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I Want to Know If There Are Any Potential Sex Doll Relationships



Hey everyone, I am a long-time reader and the first time I look for advice. First, I will share some background information about my interest in sex dolls so that my questions are more meaningful. I have been thinking about buying a doll for a few years, although I need some time to get enough money; for those who are interested, just because I personally think they have the best looking people on their respective websites. My problem is related to having a doll and dating. I want to know if anyone has any potential relationship because there is a doll. I seem to be really stupid to write this article, but since I was interested in buying a book for myself, I had to notice a lot of negative views on them in the forum and even in the real world.

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I hope this makes sense. If I offend this sex doll problem, I will apologize in advance. I really like reading the posts on this forum. Because I have been able to get a lot of information. Personally, I have not given up meeting a real person to form a loving and loyal relationship, but so far, I have been single for the past 5 years or so and I have reached the point where I think it is. . Even if it is a sex doll, it is better than nothing. But I am not sure if having a sex doll will make it harder to find.

2019-07-09 07:13:32

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