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Can I Apply The New Makeup of A Sex Doll in Different Ways



I have only recently discovered the world of sex dolls, and I have to say that I am completely fascinated. While browsing the doll manufacturer's website, I noticed that there are very few faces that look amazing. Just like most still have a translucent look. In terms of translucency, I think TPE dolls are more common than silicone. Some of its things seem to make light easier to pass. Doll sweet ladies also have an "onion skin" look, but they seem to be the exception to high-end silicone dolls. Is this due to the application of makeup? If I am not satisfied with the appearance of my sex doll, can I apply her new makeup in different ways.

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TPE sex dolls are, silicone, not so much. The TPE sex doll fades quite quickly and the makeup needs to be redone. Most silicone dolls have a layer of sealant that protects the makeup and keeps it longer, so it's more important to use a silicone doll to choose cosmetics. If you like to make your own makeup and change it occasionally, one option you can make is to order the basic makeup for your doll. Sex dolls look like people with little or no makeup. This way you can get her in whatever way you want and then change it later.

2019-07-09 06:10:27

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