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I Am Waiting for My Silicone Sex Doll to Arrive



Hello everyone, I am new here. If you can help me, I need some advice. I am waiting for my first silicone sex doll to arrive. It is now desperate after Google’s search ideas and what others say on the forum. I don't know if I have asked this question before, but I will apologize if there is one. Here, is there a silicone doll that has the ability to hang because I want to know if I will? They all have threads in the neck to connect the cable/hook. I saw that some people look very thin and you can screw them to the line on the top of the sex doll's neck. Some seem to be tied around my neck, I don't like the idea.

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Most (possibly all) high-end silicone sex doll have an internal metal skeleton. Hinged at the joint and surrounded by foam, pour the silicone skin on top. Screw the ring bolt into the frame somewhere in the neck or head (depending on the manufacturer). From there you can pause the doll. Wigs usually hide connections. Some brands use this method, while others use completely different suspension systems. Some people have no ability to hang at all. Others ask you to remove the sex doll's head to hang. Unless you can tell us what kind of sex doll you bought, we can only speculate.

2019-07-09 05:36:02

Not only that, I not only tend not to like it too much, but also consider it a safety hazard for the doll. As others have already said, the risk of damaging real sex dolls increases when you add perforations in areas that are already delicate or highly used. The best way to puncture is to use a specially designed "body puncture needle".

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