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10%OFF $600+ | Coupon Code: AQ10

Personal information

  • Name:Gilbert Wat
  • Birthday:Aug 2
  • Hobbies:Make love
  • Sexuality:Straight
  • Nationality:France
Name:Gilbert Wat
Name:Gilbert Wat

Sex worker

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161CM Gilbert Wat's information introduction

However, there are also people who buy real dolls for purely decorative purposes, and for other reasons it replaces partnerships with real women. Choose a model that appeals to you from the largest sex dolls in Europe. Do you have any questions or need advice? Due to joint movements, their limbs and head can move, and the range of movement is larger than normal people (well, you may want to manipulate the doll in a certain yoga master level pose without breaking yoga).

Gilbert Wat came to Japan to study in the Nordic country "Jimlie". The reason for attending the Fuling Academy is similar to that of the flu. His father was very strong, but he died in a battle. The man who killed his father left a scar behind his back. The mother is engaged in Japanese interpreting and is taught by the mother, so the Japanese is very fluent, but basically only answer "YA (yes)" or "Nai (no)" when answering. I am not very good at writing text, because the twists and turns written in Japanese have been ridiculed.

Her hair is very sexy, almost like drowning your loneliness. Her superb sex doll body has made her the darling of many dreamy and charismatic people. However, she is not as easy as you think. She admits that now is not the music that makes her worry, but sex! why? Because her career makes her social life not exist.
She believes that the body of the flow has the shadow of her father. She once treated the flow as a father. Later, this idea slowly changed from the heart and began to see the flow as the opposite sex, but she was not aware of her low emotional intelligence. Change to your own heart. I like to sleep with the bed in the same bed, saying that I am sleepless because of loneliness. Shame is very strange and hard to understand.
"As long as you need me, you only need one phone call, I will come to you at any time, my master." This is Gilbert's most words.
She likes to call the throughflow "Tor" (the Japanese language is fluent, similar to the pronunciation of トール, foreigners are difficult to distinguish, but the flow does not mind calling him so much).
Her career is very special, she is a sex worker. Of course, sex work is not her original intention, but because of her life needs, she must come out to make money. But when she slowly adapted to the job, she changed. She began to enjoy the fun of her work. And she learned more skills from different people, she can do almost any posture that ordinary people can do. This time you called her, she went to a hotel and put on sexy Christmas lingerie. At this point, your body begins to get hot and begins to kiss her little mouth, breasts and body. Her soft skin and tight belly, big bouncing breasts, wonderful apple-shaped hips, and delicate, long, well-proportioned legs. Let you have her. She knows how to make every position you want. Because she is a slave to sex, know how to please you.

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