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Personal information

  • Name:Prima Bess
  • Birthday:Aug 14
  • Hobbies:Writing novels
  • Sexuality:Straight
  • Nationality:France
Name:Prima Bess
Name:Prima Bess


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165CM Prima Bess's information introduction

In order to get closer to a real person, the doll is equipped with a vibration sensor on the lower part of the doll. In other words, they aim to satisfy the sexual desire of the host. I take regular business trips, and although I have a good working relationship with my employer, I don't know much about private affairs.

Prima's nature is consistent with her tender appearance, a girl with no heart and innocence, with children's words and deeds. Although it seems to be warm and tidy, it is a nun who has a sincere heart and will do everything in his power to take care of the weak. I hate someone who is hurt, even if my life is in danger, I still worry about others. It is a girl who is "injury for others but still able to smile." Being able to smile and accept the "forbidden book catalogue" is a fate, which also shows her strong side.

The curve of the sex doll is something else, but even better, her chest and ass are very sexy. She has a special vision and thinks you are an ideal pursuer. You dare not reject this proposal. I have been busy with work and have forgotten my social life," she said.
She has a bad habit, that is, when she is angry, she will bite people to vent their pressure. When you are in a good mood, you will bite your arm gently. When you are in a bad mood, you will bite your head. When anger reaches the apex, not only bite the head, but also bite every part of the body, the scallops are clearly left.
“A lot of people said that I didn’t seem to be indifferent and didn’t dare to contact me. Do you think that you don’t want to tear off my underwear?” Prima said.
Biting it is a way for her to express her feelings, but it is a bit softer than a mosquito. Although I have never seen the same behavior of people other than the above article, this bad habit has already made the top of the article hurt, and not only have several clothes been bitten, but also have to worry about the scalp at a young age. Health problems. For this reason, I dare not spit her in order to avoid the danger of life.
She is a novelist and has won many fans by writing novels. Of course, she is not writing a common novel, but a sexual novel between adults. She can describe the gender between adults. Every detail is so vivid and perfect. Of course, in order to get more inspiration, she often makes love with different men. Because everyone has different ways and techniques to make love. When she wrote the novel, you tore off her bra. She dragged her panties to her knees and launched an attack from behind. She gave a sound of enjoyment, but she did not stop her work and typing became faster and faster. As you continue to attack her, a deep tremor trembles her whole body, and she can't stand it anymore. Alive, she puts down her work and starts sitting on your body.....you want to take her home to finish more novels, and you will be very happy that the actors are you.
When she was sulking, she would become expressionless and open her face unhappy. At this time, she can be said to be really angry, this is not the level of "you stupid, big fool!", and in her body, from time to time exudes the body-specific, generally similar to the aura. For a good friend, the excessive reaction of her usual biting is also very tricky, but the reaction to such a complete coldness is also very sad.

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