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Can Integrate Heating Function Into Sex Dolls

urdolls 08/20/2019

The rise of technology has made a big difference in the way we observe and have sex. The recent wave is the rise of sex dolls. For those who have no experience, sex dolls are sex toys that look like humans. Over time, the use of sex dolls has been adjusted to accommodate several phenomena. At first, sex dolls were only used to satisfy gender.

It usually appears in the form of the entire body (although some designs only mimic certain parts of the body, such as the vagina, head, buttocks, etc.). It looks and feels like a person, sometimes with features like underwear, vibration, and even voice samples.

TPE sex doll have undergone countless transformations, from inflated items with only sexual appeal to real-life creatures that are now as good as women. They come in different shapes and sizes to meet the needs of the market, and many sex dolls have come to save those who have experienced the horror of interpersonal relationships or lost their partners.

Silicone is known for its durability, cleanability and human-like feel and has been used as the preferred sex toy material for decades. The material that looks and feels like human skin contains a mixture of silicon polymer, carbon, hydrogen and oxygen.

The siloxane can vary in flexibility depending on the composition of the components. Due to the heat resistance of this material, the heating function can be integrated into the sex doll made of silicone to further enhance the experience.

They provide an alternative that people can use to adapt to the environment when they return to the dating world. Even more amazing is that sex doll retailers now offer customers the opportunity to customize their dolls according to their preferences and preferences. How amazing?

The sex doll owners are proud to fully enjoy the sex dolls by performing various sexual activities with them. For those who have problems landing on their girlfriends, silicone girlfriends come in handy.