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Entity Japanese Sex Doll Use Precautions

You need to pay attention to many aspects in the process of using sex dolls. Protective dolls are protected from harm. Below are some of the precautions we have taken regarding the use of solid dolls.

1. The skin design of the japanese sex doll is very delicate and lustrous, so don't let it be close to the fire source, don't let it touch the sharp objects, so as not to affect the appearance of scratches.

2. Do not touch the physical doll with easily contaminated items such as ink to avoid soiling.

3. Although the physical doll can change any posture, but the bending degree should not exceed the bending angle of the human body when changing the posture, and the bending force should not be too strong when it is bent, so as not to strain the skin of the physical doll. . Remember to do not use excessive force when changing any action. Do not exceed the bending degree of the human body. Although the physical doll is not a living thing, it should be cherished.

4. When moving the physical doll, do not pull its limbs or head, and hug the torso of the physical doll to move.

5. The wig and jacket of the entity doll can be replaced with different styles.

6. The physical doll will feel some oil on the surface of the skin. This is normal, in order to exude a charming aroma and protect the skin from cracking.

7. The physical doll with the circuit part should not touch the water when cleaning, so as to avoid circuit failure.

8. The physical doll with the battery setting needs to take out the battery after use, and save it so as not to use it next time.

9. Entity dolls can reduce the spread of sexual diseases to a certain extent, but if many people use the same physical doll as likely to be contagious, the physical dolls can only be used exclusively by themselves, and should be cleaned up in time after use. Pay attention to hygiene.

10. Although the physical doll can solve people's physiological needs, the frequency of use should be controlled so as not to affect the health of the body.

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