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Difference Between Young Authenticity Sex Doll Faces



Before I asked here, I searched everywhere. I have learned a lot and I don't know how far the creepy sex doll tunnel is. My doll will never be used sexually. In addition, I am not interested in those kids dolls. When I started searching, I didn't know if they existed. Size, weight and realistic quality. Not a flat chest baby doll. I wrote the Yahoo address a few weeks ago, but I didn't reply. Only information is. 140 cm sex doll. It seems to be the size and proportion I need. The face looks familiar. Does the different head always match the body color? I mean there is no disrespect. Just trying to show the difference between young real faces. Thank you, if you can help.

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It is certain that this is a 140cm sex doll from the urdolls store. I have never been so special before I had the opportunity to buy a female body. After a few weeks of research, it seems that most dolls are very similar in style and shape. Tight-fitting dolls with smaller breasts are rare. As many people may know, the language barriers of most sellers make it even more difficult. They often misunderstand my problems and make me feel that I will be deceived when they don't answer correctly. Most people want to pay today. I can't be the only sex doll shopper who wants a young, thin, cute doll. She offers different names for different dealers.

2019-07-09 05:50:55

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