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Do You Have A Long-term Interest in Sex Doll



I think it all depends on how we look at sex dolls. For example, I just ordered her, I let her take a blonde hair and a brunette wig. But choosing her appearance is hard for me because we all like us and hope that they look like you choose makeup until her eyes. But I was torn. I want her makeup to be very important because I have collected some cosmetic mannequins, or just like to wear T-shirts and shorts to watch movies on the big screen because I am such a realist. I looked at 100 images that fit the look of this sex doll, but the choice is very difficult. Because she is more like a mannequin to me.

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I think I should keep the choice of sex doll freckles, even if there is only this choice. I hope that I have my doll now. So I can tell her, but I only think of this. What eyes will go I was torn and I got a blue/grey sex doll. Because I love them both. Buying a middle doll doesn't delay getting the doll you really want. You are not sure if you will have a long-term interest in sex dolls. Your intermediate doll will keep its resale value very well.

2019-08-12 06:21:13

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