Prevent The Fingers or Toes of Sex Doll from Being Hooked



Anyone here can tell me how important it is to cover the hands and feet when moving a sex doll. Mainly to prevent fingers and toes from being caught by things. Are we talking about moving from one home to another, or are we talking about moving in your current home? If we talk about moving from one home to another, yes, this is very important. If we are talking about moving in your current home. It depends on how skilled you are to move your body while carrying items, and how many things in your path of movement can make your dolls popular. If you are upset or clumsy about this, please cover them with socks.

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If I move a sex doll outside another room, I will put the socks on their hands and feet. Ok, it sounds silly, but it can reduce the chance of finger or toe injury. You are not the only one. I can't spell to save my life. The idea of covering your hands and feet sounds very logical to me. What is the waiting time range between the down payment and the starting doll, and the time range for full payment and delivery of the doll. When I came into contact with sex dolls, they said they had started casting molds for the seven doll penis. It should be completed before the end of September.

2019-08-12 05:20:54

I must say I spoil it as much as possible (bath in warm water, apply talcum powder, Johnson oil, petroleum jelly, moderate limb movement range, water-based lubricant in behavior. I think if we don't pay attention to it, then The signs of wear on the dolls are relentless ... whether it's a 600 Euro doll or a 2000 Euro doll, have fun with your doll.

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