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Sex Dolls Make Themselves A Popular Lady



So far, every sex doll I have seen looks completely different and very beautiful. A very versatile face. The supplier takes pictures of the dolls, then boxes them and sends them to their new home. When you see them in their home, they look the same when you see them on their website. Because we are not all making them. artist. However, like the body I like, it is too high for me. I hope that the sex doll and his urdolls will come up with a similar but shorter body. Just like the new version of the body, my favorite sex doll body so far.

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If I have money now, I will order an intelligent sex doll of urdolls. But if when I finally broke the version of a sex doll. I might get that because the robotic doll face has adapted. I also got a sex doll face. With all the beautiful faces offered, it's hard to make a decision. Anyway, I think I only need to post beautiful faces. So far, among all the dolls, it is the first face that really caught my attention. A special pale complexion. I think sex dolls have the same makeup options as the black hair on the site, as well as the same eye color.

2019-08-12 23:52:34

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