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I Want to Pull The Sex Doll Out of The Screen



Speaking of sex dolls, no face is more beautiful than Nicole in the urdolls store. These two are my biggest F11 smash: this avatar, with dark eyes - I prefer blue faces. But it is not a very strong preference, green is very good. She is a perfect beauty. This is Kiltie. I like her blue eyes a little more than Emma's green eyes, but the way her eyebrows are painted looks strange. This made me wonder if Nicole's face would be the same as her eyebrows. In addition to her eyebrows, Emma is absolutely amazing. I will point her makeup and the grass green eyes are slightly different, not pale green, but she is a perfect beauty. I hope I can kiss her. I will use different cosmetics and creamy skin instead of honey to order sex dolls. But she still made me want to pull her out of the screen and let her fall in love with me.

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When I first looked for sex doll, I did fall for urdolls. Because she took her wonderful photos while creating, she reminded me of my mannequins. So I immediately proposed to her, but her body size is as big as one of my mannequins. If I put the pump on her, she will be on a tall girl. But then I saw her photos from some groups. She doesn't look like the doll I saw on the site. Because it was difficult to compare them, she lost some of the details that I thought she had.

2019-08-12 23:43:01

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