What features do you want robotic dolls to have?

urdolls 04/24/2019

These cannot be considered as dolls in the traditional sense, because they do not include the entire body, but only the middle part. Most men or women are looking for the best option to expand their excitement and fun, so this is the most representative choice to provide you with the greatest satisfaction. Thanks to these dolls, you can improve your own performance.

In your impression, is the TPE sex doll just a beautiful robot? No matter what you read now, it will change your perception of sex toys. It will not only inspire you, but will also blow your thoughts. In the near future we know today, sex toys will not be the same. They become smarter, more sexy, and hotter.

Robotic dolls are different from any simple doll you have ever seen. She combines the world's highest quality dolls with advanced robotic components and uses the ultimate customizable AI technology to provide the most enjoyable conversation and machine interaction.

A shortened version of the application being developed. Once released, you can start using robotic dolls. This version is the best choice if you are looking for a friendly companion with a phone and can be used for a variety of general conversations.

If you are considering a more serious and intimate relationship with robotic dolls, please choose App without any restrictions! To get a lively, real world experience, order a harmonious robot head and have a face-to-face conversation. AI Sexual Robots - Humanoid dolls with artificial intelligence built-in sensors and artificial intelligence designed for personal interaction. AI sex dolls will consume your mental stimulation and satisfy your desires. The real humanoid AI robotic doll will never say no to your fantasies.

The robotic doll's eyes are synchronized with the app, looking around, blinking, and lifelike. The built-in camera is under development. Her gorgeous mouth features a lip-shaped synchronization mechanism to ensure that her lips move according to the corresponding phonemes while speaking, and allow multiple expressions.

Using the mechanical joint neck, the head of the robotic doll can be turned to the left, to the right, up and down. The neck is equipped with a modular adapter that can be connected to many different bodies. Their bodies are cleverly crafted into the finest details. Although it is not equipped with electronic animation components, it can be positioned and moved to hundreds of locations.

The modular facial system is designed to allow users to attach different faces to the same skull base, allowing multiple characters on a single platform. The robotic doll application is the brain that runs the robot's head. You need to download the app and sync with your head via Bluetooth, your robot will be "vibrant."

The body of the robotic doll can be equipped with sensors in different areas, allowing her to feel your touch and respond to the internal heating and self-lubrication of the AI software. Most parts can be easily replaced, and you may not need to replace the entire head or even damage. We will also provide a service and support program.