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Is the sex doll robot safe?

urdolls 05/03/2019

Maybe one day, sex doll robots will become aware. But for now, they are still just a product. There are some very realistic dolls, such as the urdolls series, if you are willing to spend thousands of dollars. They look realistic, but they don't get out of bed, move or move around or anything; they're basically TPE sex doll that are simple to operate and reasonably priced.

Sex dolls can help you achieve some very crazy fantasies. You may want to know if "real life" dolls can really replace real things, or whether they are just a pale imitation. They are life-size human dolls with anatomically correct holes and very realistic features. And very safe. By having the largest collection, you can learn about your needs and preferences through the online store.

Future sex dolls can mobilize your emotions

The problem with applying this definition to sex robots is that the latter provides more and more services than sex. Sex robots are more than just dolls with microchips. They use self-learning algorithms to mobilize their partner's emotions.
For example, in a seemingly innocent scene, a sex robot and a person hold hands to kiss. If the sexy robot's lips are made of thick, moist, soft silicone, it has a very high degree of realism. This robot with five people can give you an unprecedented experience when showing passion.

This year, a strange sex doll brothel was opened in Germany. Good business. 30% of guests only want to experience sexual relations with dolls, and 70% of customers become regulars. The original purpose of sex dolls is to satisfy unsatisfied sexual needs and to lose some important performance companionship. No matter how fast science and technology develop in the future, women's language and emotional diversity are unmatched by body dolls.

 Of course, human beings can master the sexual and non-sexual contexts. If the robot can do this too? How do we conceptualize and control a robot that can switch from the "play with kids" mode during the day to the "play with adults" mode at night?

In 2003, a landmark case occurred in the United States, where the Supreme Court overturned Texas-related laws and established some scholars’ right to sexual privacy. At present, there are differences in restrictions on the sale of sex toys in various states. So far, the Alabama ban is still valid, but I suspect that all sex toy bans will eventually be abolished. If this is the case, the sex doll robot era is just around the corner.

What we need to worry about is not only physical damage, but also information security. For example, just as a human partner is reassuring by remembering what words are, and what touch is comforting to learn, a sex robot may also store and process large amounts of intimate information. Is there any rule to ensure that the data is private? How likely is the sex robot to be hacked? Can the state use sex robots as surveillance devices for sex offenders?