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Can sex doll robots change character?

urdolls 06/06/2019

The sex doll AI system that scientists are currently developing can add a new level to the relationship between sex dolls and people. Chat is not limited to sexual topics. Unlike the smart dolls that married a Chinese professor some time ago, the former is Robots with artificial intelligence technology, the latter is an inflatable doll with artificial intelligence.

Sex dolls are like the condoms we usually find. They are adult products. People are beginning to realize that sex dolls actually have many benefits and can be useful tools for satisfying our sexual fantasies. The real sex doll is the ideal choice because you can enjoy masturbation through the real fantasy. When it comes to sex toys, hygiene is measured by determining whether the material used is porous or non-porous.

In order to design a more realistic sex doll, the designers of the sex dolls invented a sex robot and a special Scottish accent for the sex robot, which can communicate emotionally with the user. The deep learning of artificial intelligence will make these robotic wives know you very well. They can communicate with you and provide meticulous care at any time.

At present, the product has 18 kinds of female body and 2 male figures to choose from. These bodies can be matched with 18 kinds of characters such as shyness, sexy and little woman provided by sex doll AI, and there is always the kind that customers like. The sex doll robot has a high degree of fidelity and a built-in flexible skeleton. It takes more than 80 hours to build a sex doll.

Similar products, people will try and like it anytime, anywhere. Now that this artificial intelligence doll is on the market, it should be quite popular among fans. Moreover, the genitals of the robot can be customized, and the faces can be changed at will according to the user's interests.

In addition to the above various characteristics, the sex doll also has a permanent memory, which can establish emotional connection with the person who owns it and remember the user information. At that time, humans can completely marry robots, customize these robotic wives into their favorite character and body, and change their personality at any time according to the different needs of users.

This means that artificial intelligence dolls are much better in terms of user experience than virtual love. If you don't eliminate your memory, you will always be her lover, and you can definitely do it.