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Sex Doll Robots Make the World Stunned

urdolls 06/13/2019

The creator of robotic dolls and the American artificial intelligence doll Dr. solemnly announced that in 2045, humans will be able to marry robots like Sophia. It is the robot Sofia that can talk to humans and make various expressions such as smile, surprise, disgust, and contempt, and finally subconsciously say "Yes, I will destroy humanity."

Some requirements are normal and cannot be explained by pornography. It's like sex dolls today. Otherwise, you can enjoy the threesome, or try a new sexual partner that often refuses to try. The silicone doll is non-porous, which makes it easy to clean and disinfect regularly to enhance the doll's hygiene. Many men dream of having a loving girlfriend, but it can be difficult. Sex toys never betray you.

This man-made sex doll beauty has been granted nationality by Saudi Arabia. Some people may say that this woman looks too fierce and makes people very scared! But do you know? Sophia will not only scare people, she will also date people, teasing, and eliminate your boundless loneliness.

Sophia recently launched a "romantic date" with Hollywood movie stars. Is it similar to your first date? You see, Sofia can be so understanding. With the development of artificial intelligence, sex dolls can make people crazy, let you stop, even spend a lifetime with her, the big probability is not just a fantasy.

Some people estimate that they can't wait to ask for a timetable. Don't worry, the doctor of sex dolls has made a schedule: According to the development of AI today, by 2029, the IQ of AI robots will reach the level of one-year-old children. In 2039, robots will realize full rights.

By 2045, humans will probably marry robots. Yes, you're not mistaken! By 2045, humans and robots will fall in love, marry, and even raise children with him or her, or become a reality! Husband and wife relationship, this most lasting relationship of humanity, will usher in a terrible fall! Whether you like it or not, robotic doll companions are coming to earth.

And when the sex doll robot has spirituality, it begins to exercise the power of God on earth. Will this be the ultimate crisis for mankind? He said: "All problems of people are sexual problems." All crises are fundamentally human crises. The most painful thing is that you know that you are in it, but you still have to work with society.