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How to take a photo of a perfect sex doll?

urdolls 05/23/2019

Sex dolls give both of you the opportunity to have a trio without any emotional investment. The dolls on the market today are very realistic, they are almost like real people. Some of these dolls are being equipped with artificial intelligence. They are incredibly realistic, full-size dolls that provide the closest thing to a true human partner. You can find amazing adult doll collections on our platform, so choose one of the desires.

The excellent sex doll photography can reflect the character and grace of the TPE sex doll and reveal the inner spiritual world. Sexual doll photography can be roughly divided into portraits and environmental sex dolls. A portrait (or head) that is portrayed by a person's face; a person's posture, clothing, background, and environment, called a sex doll with a specific environment.

A successful sex doll photography should be "shape and spirit" and "shape" refers to the shape of the doll's external image, including composition, light and color; "God" refers to the character's look, that is, the expression of the expression. To shoot indoor lighting dolls, first of all, be familiar with the characters being photographed, and establish mutual understanding with people of different personalities so that they will not lose their original character.

When shooting indoor light, the first problem encountered is the choice of shooting position. First, you should determine the scope of the picture. It is generally not appropriate to make the camera too close to the character to avoid deformation of the face.

Second, choose a more rational shooting direction according to the face features, in order to decide to shoot from the face or side.

Third, according to the characteristics of the face, the shooting height is selected, and the selection is adjusted from the shooting angles of the flat, the down, and the back. It means that the three factors directly affect the picture of the sex doll. If used well, it can highlight the advantages of the face or make up for the lack of shape. At the same time, pay attention to the stability and balance of the picture composition. The face is directional. Generally, there should be more space in front of the face. Of course, there is also a way to take the opposite way for the composition of the artistic effect.

When constructing a picture, consider the distribution of colors. The color should be on the screen for the purpose of setting off the characters, and remember to take the lead. In the composition, you must deal with the posture of the sex doll. The head can be seen as a spherical body, and the shoulders are seen as a semi-arc shape. The rotation of the head and the semi-arc of the shoulders form a certain angle, so that the image has a posture momentum.

If the shooting range includes the posture of the hand and the body, the momentum of the hand helps to express the emotion of the doll, and the posture of the body also plays a role in expressing the inner activity and mood of the character.