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Should lonely people buy silicone dolls?

urdolls 05/02/2019

Sex dolls have been a topic of joy and controversy since their appearance. You can always have sex as needed. Every sexual gesture is allowed, and your doll is always good for you. People really want imperfect reality," said a spokesperson. Men love dolls are indeed designed for the female market.

A set of cleaning products for silicone adult sex doll. Most silicone dolls have this, but the old (previously favorite) dolls may not. Anything that can spray a lot of water and sponge on a stick or bottle is fine. An antibacterial liquid hand sanitizer for detergents. Some clean household silica gels are inevitable and require small cracks and scratches. Use an antibacterial solution or soap to clean every hole in your body to prevent any bacterial-related illness.

Sex dolls have a huge investment in personal happiness

So you want to buy a silicone sex doll? Good choice! They are a huge investment in personal happiness. However, there may be an age limit when entering the store first - just as a bar does not allow minors to enter, even if the minor does not plan to drink alcohol.

Silicone dolls are used to avoid diseases caused by various bacteria. The spray contains pathological slats that help reduce skin irritation. Urdolls is the world's largest supplier of adult dolls, and they are undisputedly the best dolls in the industry. You can buy dolls directly from their website.

In general they are expensive, so unless you have money... but if you really want it. In addition, I would say that finding a real person may be difficult but to be honest, it makes a great place to make a sex doll a place to stimulate your sexual desire. But hey, if you really want it, then it’s okay.

They can wear clothes, but make sure they are not tight. If you want to show your clothes, then any thin clothes are your best choice. You can wear a silicone doll on a belt or wire, but only a few hours, even then, there is a risk, because the tape and wire will leave a dent on the skin, which will be pita. If it's tight, it takes only a short time (very few hours) and will never be stored. Most of the time, the size of the clothes should be larger than her size.

But through the Internet, you really don't need to worry. All the commands it takes are debit cards, which can be obtained by the minor's checking account. Water-based lubricants are used when using sex dolls because oily gels can damage the use of silicon in dolls. An ordinary sex doll has three main openings to ensure that the opening is smooth and the right amount of water-based lubricant.

You should always clean your doll, especially after using or touching body fluids. After washing, thoroughly dry the silicone doll with a clean towel to remove excess water. You can wipe off the cosmetics with a warm towel. To clean the doll's hair, remove the wig from the head and clean the wig with a mild shampoo and conditioner.

Clean the vagina, anus and oral passages of the vaginal doll and dry thoroughly after each use to prevent bacterial growth. First of all, how old are you? If you are not big enough to buy porn magazines or videos, the answer is "No, you should not buy silicone dolls."

If you are old enough, the second consideration is if you are going to spend thousands of dollars to buy something you might not like. If you look at it, you can see that there are many dolls arriving at their new home, only their owners realize they don't match.

Why do you want a doll? Dolls can help others overcome their nerves if they are not familiar with sex, or just out of love, but you should remember that dolls are not real women unless you are not going to continue your search for spouses, this It is temporary. If you do find a girlfriend at some point, be prepared to store your doll or sell her. I don't recommend keeping her awkward and hiding her from her new girlfriend, because no one likes to be deceived, which can hurt your relationship with a living girl.

Online shopping is the best choice for buying sex toys. You can also view a wide variety of silicone dolls. There are many sex toy stores selling silicone dolls online.

Are you ready to put your work on your doll? Although they are basically "perfect", it is not free and perfect. Without detailed instructions, you must consider that you need to clean her after use and store her properly (no, you can't just push her under the bed, if you do it, you will get hurt), fix her hair, make up, etc., replace Lost eyelashes and fingers/toe nails... list continues.

If they find your doll, are you ready for your friend/family reaction? Especially in very conservative families, dolls may be considered "weird" or "wrong." Before you buy a doll, you still need to do a lot of research. There are a lot of companies that will pull you down. The fact of gambling is that you may be too embarrassed to claim from your credit card company.

When deciding that a doll is right for you, you must also consider the laws of your country. Just ask the poor man of St. John, the Netherlands, to be arrested for child pornography because of a doll that was ordered online from Japan. But in the end, the only person who knows what is right for you is you. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me.