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What is a realistic silicone sex doll?

urdolls 05/02/2019

Whether performing with a willing human partner or performing with one of the best sex dolls on the market, sex can release passion and energy. Top-level dolls can include internal bones, various breast sizes, skin tones, butt size, patterned walls in the vagina, self-heating and more.

How do you want to meet a beautiful woman, perfect body, willing to have sex? Yes, it will cost you, but no - she is not a prostitute. She is a robotic silicone doll. Of course, "she" as long as the machine has gender. The latest wrinkle of the plastic companion, the AI sex doll robot is a simple sex doll, because she can talk, turn her head, and even have the ability to climax. Sounds like the future, right?

Silicone is the most trusted and used material. Silicone is a polymer whose chemical structure is based on alternating chains of silicon and oxygen atoms attached to silicon atoms. These compounds are chemically resistant and very insensitive to temperature changes. The doll made of silicone is more realistic, and its skin texture provides a realistic feel for sex dolls.

The meaning of silicone dolls

You can find sex dolls of different shapes and sizes. This is the only time you can choose to meet your needs! You can buy and use it in an appropriate way to avoid diseases caused by various bacteria. The spray contains pathological slats that help reduce skin irritation. Spend some time online and search for sites that offer you these products.

The realistic silicone doll is a life-size sex doll made of silicone with a real face and soft skin. It's hard to distinguish between realistic silicone sex dolls and real women. Sex dolls are a kind of sex toys, especially for those who don't have time to make love and are busy in their daily life. So these types of dolls are custom made for men and women. But most men prefer sex dolls.

If you want to enjoy silicone dolls, please ask us because we customize dolls according to people's needs. We have also created sex dolls that are best suited for American models. We are famous on the web because most people prefer our website because they do get the dolls they want. Sex dolls have several characteristics: she can't be pregnant. You can do sex at any time. You will get full enjoyment. She can't refuse.

Choosing the right silicone doll for personal erotic pleasure is not a daunting task. These dolls have a variety of body parts, such as the vagina, anus, or they can fill the head, arms, breasts, vagina, anus and legs. A real sex doll looks like a real girl, head, eyes, breasts, vagina, anus and legs.

You will get a wonderful sexual experience. Her highly sturdy and round breasts, with a slightly pink areola nipple, the doll will definitely provide you with an unforgettable experience like never before. Some high-end silicone dolls also include an internal skeleton that allows the arms and legs to be positioned in different gender positions. These sex dolls tend to behave like ordinary people and are more expensive than ordinary people.

Lifelike sex dolls are no stranger to people. Many men now want a sex doll. At present, the male sex doll is a sex toy, a life-size sex doll, mainly used for masturbation and companionship. Men use it to replace sexual relations with real women

The work of these sex robots around the world continues. Now, the founder and doll creator of urdolls has been working on this type of thing for about 20 years - a real silicone sex doll is being launched, this is a fun sex robot: her face falls off. Realistic silicone dolls not only have a skin-like feel, but also offer a variety of look options.

In most cases, they have metal enamel and removable facial features that you can change their expressions and their physical arrangement. Before a person has a sexual relationship with a doll, it takes a lot of preparation time; her skin must be powdery, she should be heated and lubricated with electric blankets to avoid scratches. High quality sex dolls also have vibration and detachable parts. The detachable parts are easy to clean and maintain, making these dolls more hygienic.

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