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How to take care of my silicone sex doll?

urdolls 05/02/2019

An idle mind always tends to think of evil behavior. Even as a communication or entertainment experience, sex may be equally important to an individual's daily life. Some top dolls will seep out of oil. The only thing that does not have this problem is platinum curing.

In the past three decades, the sex doll industry has grown from producing cheap novelty products made of rubber, plastic or vinyl to a $30 billion global industry, including high quality made of TPE and silicone. High-tech, realistic dolls. Silicone, some of which are equipped with artificial intelligence. Unlike Barbie dolls, robots.

In turn, advances in these materials allow for more customizable products: Most sex doll manufacturers now offer a variety of personalized faces, skin tones, body sizes, breast size and eye color to choose from, and for more demanding customers. The company offers additional features such as customizable clitoris, artificial breasts, and insertable hymen. Then there is a customizable make-up.

Simple steps for taking care of dolls

Your beloved sex doll is your partner, and you will want her to remain beautiful at all times. Here are the simple steps you need to follow to keep your cute partner high quality and extend its life. You can apply some talcum powder before wearing socks. If a clothing dye accident occurs, you can buy some color-changing paste. (How to use color-changing paste: mild, moderate dyeing - Use a color-changing paste evenly in the dyeing position, apply a dry shadow to the silicone doll after wiping, and remove the dye after 24 hours) So try to avoid the accident of dyeing the clothes.

You need to clean which aids are comfortable for long periods of use. In order to clean you up, sex shop toys are now easier because you can find the amount of detergent. But that's not the only place where you can find sex dolls; they are standard in any sex shop in the country. Depending on the function and size of your love doll, you should pay a premium. Sexual dolls basically have similar faces, expressions and styles.

You should always clean your doll, especially after using or touching body fluids. After washing, thoroughly dry the silicone doll with a clean towel to remove excess water. You can wipe off the cosmetics with a warm towel. To clean the doll's hair, remove the wig from the head and clean the wig with a mild shampoo and conditioner.

Clean the silicone doll's vagina, anus and oral passages, and dry thoroughly after each use to prevent bacterial growth. If the skin becomes sticky, gently wipe your doll with a cleaned and dry brush with a newer powder to make her skin smooth and smooth again. This is very important to prevent tearing your sex doll.

Take care to ensure that any clothing on the doll prevents color shifting. TPE is very porous, darker colors or patterns can bleed and cause the doll to change color, and may or may not be removable. Although our detergents are good at removing most clothing stains.

Be careful not to place sex dolls on items that contain ink, such as newspapers, magazines, dark materials or leather materials containing oil-soluble pigments. Be careful when moving your doll, because of her metal skeleton, she may be a bit heavy depending on her size. Avoid discarding your doll or hitting her on a hard surface.

Avoid sharp objects, limb extensions and great strength as it can damage the skin and underlying bones. Damage can reduce the quality and longevity of the doll.

Your doll is upright. Don't leave her in a bent position for a long time, so as not to cause damage that might deform her or let her stand on her feet for a long time. It is best to keep her position at regular intervals to keep her in top shape. We recommend using the Closet Bar Suspension (CBS) storage kit to safely store your love dolls.

Use only water based lubricants. Silicone or petroleum based lubricants can damage your baby's skin. Silicone dolls are very delicate and must be taken care of. The first thing you need to do is to avoid dark or strong colors because silicone can be dyed with dye. So, try to put the doll on light clothes. Do not put it with ink to prevent staining. Socks should be washed before wearing them.

Last but not least, no matter which method you choose, you should keep the following in mind: Do not expose real dolls to direct sunlight for long periods of time to prevent aging. Don't dress up your doll with dirty or faded clothes. Although our detergents are good at removing stains from most clothing.

Place the doll's arms, hands, and legs vertically on the iron frame or lie flat on the bottom of the sofa storage compartment. First, wash your doll before use and keep her dry, and stay away from sharp things and fire. Please also choose light-colored clothes for the doll, it will not die.

Your silicone sex doll is your beloved companion. Please don't share it with others to avoid the spread of the disease. Wash all the canals with antibacterial soap and dry them thoroughly after use to avoid bacterial growth. It is recommended that you use a condom to avoid bacterial growth. Rent a water-based lubricant to have sex with her to avoid tearing her skin.