Clothing and accessories selection for shooting dolls

urdolls 05/23/2019

The color of the subjective doll's clothes should be compatible with the color of the skin and compatible with the atmosphere of the expression. For TPE sex doll with active personality, the color of the clothes should be clear. The colors are not so vivid and are only used to express static characters.

The color of the clothes is more vivid, and the dark-skinned and black-haired dolls are more suitable for people with shallower skin and lighter hair. The final cost of a sex doll reflects the real material doll, the doll of a general nature. Made from welded vinyl is cheaper.

These are all extensions of happiness and are the most famous casual dolls in many high-end stores. Soft, cool tones (light or dark) to enhance the warmth of a fresh complexion. White clothes with a suitable gray background can reflect the color of the skin.

Sexual dolls should be the source of sexual pleasure and psychological pleasure. Some just imitate sexual organs, while others imitate the whole person. They come in different sizes, orientations, and most importantly fabrics. Sex dolls are made of different fabrics, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. The most common are silicon and TPE sex dolls.

In addition to the dolls in the range of doll photography, the number and color of items such as props, costumes, etc. should be simple. They help to express the protagonist. It is often used to enrich the plot of the picture, or to play the role of decorative beautification. More authentic dolls have heavier material costs.

When you finally decide to buy a sex doll to improve your sex life, you will want to know how much the sex doll spends. In fact, the brand, height and size, such as breast size and hip circumference, are the main factors determining the price of the doll. Therefore, you should plan your budget accordingly or try to find the doll size within the budget price range.

The real sex doll is made after the same structure as the mannequin, and has a legally shaped hand, glass eyes and most wigs. Some of these real sex dolls contain a chest full of water and back.

These dolls can be customized to your own special style and a variety of clothing, cosmetics and wigs. The true sex doll with the highest combination of value is made of silicone and is more vivid. They are made from skin-like materials to make the experience more personal.

Just like everything in life, the more money you have, the more you get. Underwear is very important for the sex of a sex doll, and she can explore her exotic and sexual emotions. These include bras, underpants, thongs, swimwear, camisoles and more. This kind of mentality is more common for women who are very happy and have no children. They are often criticized in some form or accept a series of social and self-righteous comments.

These life-size sex dolls can be compared to real men and women, some of which are handmade or look like celebrities. They have real hair and adaptable bone structures that make it easy to perform a variety of sexual activities, including movements and moving shots.