Reasons for sex doll price differentiation

urdolls 05/03/2019

The price of sex doll varies, and the same style of sex dolls are sold at different prices in different businesses. Mainly product quality, material materials, production process is different.

After a lot of research and comparison of sex dolls from different vendors, I found that if you really want a sex doll, I might get a sex doll that suits me. If you have the opportunity to buy dolls for adults, then by expanding the most extreme exhibitions, this is the perfect place to get more quality dolls. Many people are surprised to find that most sex dolls don't look like girls in their 20s, and they are in very good health.

There are a lot of illegal businesses on the Internet. The website displays the pictures of solid dolls. In fact, it sells inflatable dolls, which makes many people deceived, so that they also have a skeptical attitude towards the physical dolls, so they are even more reluctant to understand the entity. Why is the doll so expensive? The following is the main points of the purchasing dolls summarized by urdolls and the experience of material quality identification. Hope can help you.
How to identify the quality of a doll?
The first point: Material: At present, the mainstream material of the dolls on the market is TPE and silica gel. The high-quality dolls are elastic, the hardness is soft, the hand feels smooth and soft, the flesh is white, the surface is smooth and the authenticity is strong.
The second point: smell: the real goods have a faint fragrance, some are not, almost close to tasteless.
The third point: function: good quality dolls can be used repeatedly without problems. All of our sex dolls have undergone multiple quality checks. Make sure you use it with peace of mind.

Fourth point: Health and safety: TPE materials are generally environmentally friendly and non-toxic, and have no negative effect on the human body.
The fifth point: performance characteristics: high-quality physical dolls generally have the advantages of environmental protection, high efficiency and odorless, high level of hygiene, high transparency after molding, anti-yellow, non-toxic and tasteless, long service life, physiological inertia, and resistance to biological aging.
Sixth point: price difference: regular manufacturers have industry standards, can refer to the price, we are factory direct sales, no agents charge extra fees. You can buy with confidence.

It takes at least 4 to 5 days to make a physical doll, and some special orders take more time. The reason why the physical doll is so expensive is that the production cost is high, and the second is that the production process is complicated. Therefore, the physical doll from 1 to 20000 is very different from the low-priced inflatable doll.

At present, TPE soft rubber is increasingly used in the physical doll industry. The hardness and physical properties of the TPE materials used are different from different manufacturers. For manufacturers who are already mature in the production of adult products, this knowledge may be familiar. However, for those who are new to the physical doll industry or interested, they may not know much about such materials because they have not been exposed to TPE before.