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How to effectively store my sex dolls

urdolls 04/03/2019

Sexual dolls represent the perfect combination of ultra-modern manufacturing precision and human aspirations. If you don't mind, they can leave a piece of cloth until you buy another piece of cloth, and they won't complain again. When people hear the "rubber doll", what is often called nausea is definitely not comparable to the model presented here.

For couples, you may be surprised to find that the shemale dolls are often the most popular. The length of time a sex doll lasts depends on how often you use her and how you treat her. The quality used to make her materials and manufacturing processes will also determine her life. The final and most realistic dolls are made of silicone. Most dolls of this size weigh more than 90 pounds. Can you easily pick up and position a 5'1" woman?

You want to know how a storage doll can best protect sex doll. To be honest, there is no perfect way to store your love dolls. How you store your doll depends on your convenience. Some people have enough space under their bed, they would rather put the doll back in the box and push it down. Others like to hang the love doll vertically in the closet. This blog section will take you a few minutes.

When storing your love or sex doll, it is best to cover the doll with a protective soft blanket attached to the doll seen in the box. Or, if you choose, you can also buy a transparent or white plastic case to cover your wedding dress or suit. Avoid black or dark cover as they may contaminate your love doll. You can wrap your head or cover it with a white pouch on your head.

It is also important to protect the skin surface of your true love dolls. You can use 100% natural cotton Muslim dust bags. These file-quality dust bags are specially made for our dolls, the same materials used to protect precious artifacts from museums around the world. The dust bag wraps your love doll 360° without gravity, protecting it from dust, light, moisture and pollutants, while also providing discretion and privacy.

You can also store it in the closet. If you don't have the wardrobe space, you can buy a beautiful industrial style rack online, made up of heavy pipe pipes, with a gorgeous dark gray surface. Both sturdy and sturdy, the assembly is simple, including four rolling casters (2 locks, 2 non-locking), and extra space for dolls or hanging clothes and accessories.

How to store sex dolls? The best way is - lying down or hanging some people also found that wearing a doll standing posture is more convincing. Therefore, by having your love doll in an upright position supported on the neck, it will make it easier for you to pull up her pants. Although there are many ways to store your doll, if you like hanging it vertically without destroying your bank, this is an idea of how to store your doll.

You can also keep your sex dolls flat: there is only a little lying on the doll. You can't let the doll lie on the "hard plane." Whether to let sex dolls lie on the bed, storage boxes or even the floor. Please remember to put a cushion under the sex doll. To avoid the curve of the back (especially the buttocks) deform and flatten due to prolonged periods. The term is compressed by weight. Especially sex dolls are made by TPE. If the body is deformed. It will never rebound again. Please avoid this situation.