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The relationship between robotic dolls and people

urdolls 04/24/2019

Where do you start? What should you look for? Sexual dolls also have a soft feel and an amazing firming feel. In addition, these materials offer more benefits. Since you know that adult dolls can save you trouble, what should you do next? Find the best model for your use that matches your budget.

Sporadic use of dolls will help you learn and appreciate the stages your body experiences when enjoying sexual pleasure and reaching orgasm. They can do whatever you want, no matter how crazy or strange the situation or fantasy. For example, lower shipping costs or more customizable options. The whole body doll is always heavier than some dolls or torso dolls. The arms and legs are heavy. Many people find that their experiences are like stimuli.

Will people marry TPE sex doll robots in the future? Is it possible for a life-size silicone doll with artificial intelligence to replace the relationship between people in various forms?

Can you imagine what the future robot head looks like? The robot head is used as a stand-alone product or connected to a sex doll silicone body. It will have an animated facial expression, the animated eyes will move and blink, the head tilts and rotates, and the lips sync when speaking. It will have an outer smooth silicone surface that can be separated from the hard plastic skull. Internal components include several types of robotic servo systems, circuit boards and patented proprietary magnet technology.

The manufacturer's goal is to produce an easy-to-maintain robotic system that produces realistic animations and expressions while maintaining the most affordable end consumer price. Head will connect via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to a user smartphone with our AI system installed. The AI app will wirelessly control all head animations, expressions and talks.

We are currently optimizing our artificial intelligence Mobile IOS and Android apps. Released the doll AI app in the first quarter of 2017. The expected release date for the Empbotix Head system is the last quarter of 2017; VR software offers users a variety of options to interact with the AI personality they create in the app. . Accessories for use with the robotic doll system are also being developed, including embedded touch sensors and self-adjusting internal heaters.

The robot head will match the body of a particular sex doll, and the supplier is currently designing adapters for most of the fuselage produced over the years. If you only want to buy a robot head, you must also get the headstock and the corresponding AI application. Alternatively, the head can be attached to the chest.