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Occasionally how users store TPE dolls

urdolls 04/03/2019

The aesthetics of lovers have attracted the male and female love doll personality to become increasingly prominent on social media. This way, you can even save a small amount of your income. Love dolls not only look almost real, but also have this feeling. This quality does not provide any other sex toys.

Some sex dolls have been made with this type of anatomy, while other sex dolls are easily converted to have both parts. Most custom dolls are made of silicone. You should consider buying a smaller sex doll. Size is not the only factor that affects the weight of the doll. Regular use of dolls, you can learn how to adjust your body so that you can easily experience the climax when you are communicating with your partner.

Of course, you have started a sex doll series, you know? You really like it! Not only does it add some changes to your sex life, but it also makes masturbation look like your main event. However, the storage of sex dolls is also your focus. So, here are some unique storage ideas to keep your sex dolls away from sight, but still reachable!

An important decision is how and where you will store your doll. Many people store their ladies on the bed. For occasional users how to store TPE dolls is a question frequently asked by customers. You won't be able to use your doll for a long time? Do you need to hide your love doll in the closet? Heavy duty suspension kits are needed.

Similar to the above, it is recommended not to wear clothes to store TPE dolls. Place your doll in a standing position and straighten your arms. We recommend that you wrap your sex dolls in thin sheets to prevent dust from entering. You can use the form that we included with the doll. Including protecting your baby's head and body, use your own closet to hang your doll securely without any highly susceptible thermoplastic elastomer skin that oppresses her.

You can safely store your beloved doll because she knows she is completely safe and does not produce flats, indentations and creases that may occur when lying in a box or on a bed or sitting position.

Since 2014, thousands of customers have tested it with a 100% success rate, using their own internal metal skeleton system to support your doll, leaving her completely stress-free and helping to extend the life of the doll. Let her be longer.

When storing the doll vertically, make sure the feet are on the floor. We recommend that you do not hang the doll freely from your neck (foot off the ground). Although we believe that if you hang freely it may not break the neck of the couple, it may cause stress and tension in the neck to overstress, leading to malformation of the metal skeleton. Therefore, storing the doll by bringing the foot into contact with the ground will help distribute the force more evenly along the doll, making it less likely to deform the doll skeleton.

There are two main issues with sex doll storage: privacy and usability. You may want your collection to be completely private, far from easy to find, but if you want to use it, you may want your doll to be easy to use. This provides many unique storage scenarios. Many storage suitcases and bins are designed to "set and forget in the garage" - which makes them unfriendly to our specific storage needs. The best storage location needs to vary from person to person.