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How do the common customers of sex dolls store dolls?

urdolls 04/03/2019

Driven by erotic photography, industry films and documentaries, and the rise of pop culture neutral robots, the sex doll revolution will be a crazy journey. The price of one of these new male high-tech dolls is about a few thousand dollars! Has entered the "boyfriend" world made of silicone.

If you are looking for a perfect place to store sex doll, then your hunting is coming to an end. The method provided here will be the storage unit that best suits your beloved night companion when you go out to work in the morning. Instead of hiding it in the bed or stuffing it in the closet, you can use a hanging kit to store sex dolls. This will ensure that its precious body characteristics will not flatten or scratch, and you can continue to use it for many years.

TPE Dolls storage is not always easy, especially if you don't have enough storage. How to store a TPE doll depends almost on how you use your doll. For obvious privacy reasons, you may just need to hide your sex doll. You may also occasionally use your love doll, take photos or for other purposes. The following tutorial will teach you how to best store TPE Doll.

Full of anatomy to meet the needs of both parties, no one will feel forgotten. Since I find the same dolls at different prices on different websites, it is useful to compare between different vendors. The silicone material is soft, does not cause any allergies, lasts, does not respond to anything, and feels amazing during sexual intercourse.

How do users of sex dolls store TPE DOLL? If you use your doll every day, rather than specifically want to hide it when not in use, you can simply put her on a bed or chair. We recommend that you do not wear clothes to store your doll. Make sure the mattress or chair is soft enough to avoid TPE deformation. Orthopedic pillows and/or mattresses or other memory foams are ideally used.

If you are using a chair, store your TPE doll in a sitting position. For a bed, let you lie on her back when you don't use your love doll (not her belly). Be careful with the furniture fabric. Dyeing or simple dirty fabrics can easily stain your TPE doll. If in doubt, use the blanket that comes with the doll as a protective cover.

Make sure your doll skin has no creases during storage. If you need to change her arm or leg position, one way to store your love doll vertically is to simply use a hook to hang the doll from the closet bar. They are different types of bolts that fit your baby's neck. You can use a combination of hooks, bolts and chains to adjust how the doll hangs.

There are many places that deserve your attention when using hook-and-storage dolls. The TPE Dolls Storage Suspension Kit is for storage, finishing and maintenance only. Do not try to use your doll while hanging. As a result, this may hurt her. Make sure your closet is strong and strong and can withstand the weight of your TPE doll.

If your doll weighs more than 35 kilograms (77 pounds), put something under her feet to send the weight. This is because for heavier models, it can damage your baby's neck for a long time. These bolts, hooks and chains can be purchased at your local hardware store or purchased online if you wish. We recommend that you bring the neck screws/bolts to the hardware store so they can find the right size.

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