How to Make Sex Dolls Last Longer?

urdolls 06/25/2019

The most common problem with new sex dolls or sex robot owners is usually the right cleaning and maintenance. Baby hygiene is very important - if done well, the doll will last longer. Since sex dolls can cost a lot of money, it's wise to think of them as houses or cars.

Your silicone doll should be waterproof, but some precautions should be taken to avoid damaging her. First, you must avoid rubbing your body or face with a rough surface (such as a scratching sponge): this can damage the silicone/TPE and soft and smooth appearance of your sex doll skin. Another precaution is to avoid placing your head directly under water. Water can penetrate the fixation between the head and the body, and you lose your mind.

Most owners like to bathe with their dolls so they can clean them when they are intimate. Although even if you have no reason, it is recommended that you give them a maintenance shower once a month. There is no special cleaning wig, you only need to clean the silicone doll's hair with shampoo or soap. One suggestion is to brush the wig during the wig to avoid accidents.

Do not spray water on the doll's head, avoiding water on the neck (because it may end up on the head or frame). Never drown your doll head. Water inside the doll can cause rust, mold or other damage. Once she is kept clean, she can use the talcum powder to keep the powder soft, just like the first day.

If you use a sexual doll's vagina, the anus and mouth will need some extra care. Since the ankle is a high stress area, if you apply cream to the vagina and ankle once a week, because it contains mineral oil, it will soon be absorbed by the TPE.