What Happens When Silicone Is Applied to A TPE Sex Doll?

urdolls 06/18/2019

There has always been a saying on the Internet. If tpe is left on the silica gel, it will damage any material and vice versa. When I was doing a breast softness test with him, he couldn't believe that the sex doll's breasts were softer, so she had to feel for herself. But when I peeled her off from above, her hands were almost soaked in oil. When I set up and took a photo, she might be in that position for about 10 minutes. Then I rubbed them with alcohol and didn't see any damage.

Since these old inflatable versions, sex dolls have shined. Although inflatable products still exist, the most popular are silicone and TPE models. Sex dolls are a kind of masturbation assistant similar to humans. Although many sex dolls are scaled up, there are smaller dolls or just key body parts (chest, hips, vagina, etc.).

So I can say that silica gel and TPE are not effective. You might choose something there because I think I've read something about using silica gel for windshield or aquarium repair, which works for TPE dolls. But I am still a bit too impulsive. According to my reading, depending on the type of silicone and TPE, the reaction will soon appear! And I heard that if it comes to an end, it is almost impossible to stop before the silicone parts or TPE parts are severely damaged. I will see the contact to see if they all use the same type of silicone sex doll!

It may vary due to certain components of TPE. For some silicone compositions, the general consensus is to keep 2 parts of silicone and TPE out of contact. Short-term may not be a problem, but everyone should be aware of the difference between the two materials. Possible adverse reactions.

You can still use TPE inserts in silicone dolls as long as they have a barrier between them, just like a plastic bag around the insert. As long as the two do not touch, there should be no risk of any adverse reactions.

We mix the TPE doll with the silicone doll head or vice versa, but do not touch the two materials by using a washer or anything to prevent the two materials from coming into contact with each other. Whether the TPE and the silicone react depends on the two substances actually contacted, namely the exact type of TPE and the type of silicone.

It is important to note the oiliness developed in the contact area (facts), and as far as I know, it is probably not a direct chemical reaction, but it is more likely to be indirect, where the substance does not "react" (formation but there is a substance Helps to better store another substance, causing the silicone to become brittle (it is a silicone oil leak) and the TPE becomes mushy (it adds the oil to its cavity instead of the mineral oil that is usually present)) (Try to explain, May be wrong).

According to reports, the extension of this situation is very bad. If there is a lot of oil in a few minutes and it will cause serious damage during the long exposure time, I also know that the combination is obviously no problem even if it is in contact for several hours. - Mainly related to silicone.

Therefore, the verdict is to make mistakes in saving, and to keep the two as separate as possible, at least initially with a keen eye, and often check if you are actually likely to have contact settings - whether it is a photo session or a mixed doll.

Fortunately, these problems seem to be related only to silica gel, as well as platinum-cured silica gel, and may also be used for tin curing, but will not occur (as far as I know) using silica gel (moisture curing) such as a sealing machine. .

Tests have shown that silica gel does not have any "reaction" to TPE (again, current understanding of finite TPE probes) because it is also safe for bonding or coating RTV-2. This makes RTV-1 the best "separate washing machine" for hybrid dolls (TPE heads on the silicone body or in the opposite direction), the only known problem is that RTV-1 does not permanently "stick" to TPE Side, so if you apply it over there, you will have to check that everything is still good. I hope this helps.