What Kind of Sex Doll Do You Want to Have?

urdolls 06/13/2019

A soul mate means that you have to be able to talk to you, and you have a heart and soul, and even a sentence of ten thousand. In the whole conversation with the artificial intelligence doll, Yuko's performance was natural and smooth, and there was no lag or logic error. The other side did not realize that he was talking to the AI.

The more powerful thing about sex doll is that you can learn to chat with you like a small, girlfriend, and old friend, and achieve multi-line processing at the same time! In the future, the sex doll robot will know you better than yourself, know more than your most intimate friends, and even be your soul mate!

A sexual partner means having sexual charisma that can strongly attract you and make you willing to have sex with her. Some time ago, the world's first true artificial intelligence sex robot Yuko appeared in the United States! The robot's production process is extremely complicated, her body is made of silicone, highly mimicking the structure of the human body.

In order to meet the needs of different customers, the designers also gave 30 different faces to the sex dolls, from black to Asian faces. All of this is in order to be able to make each customer's ideal sexual partner.

Experts predict: With the development of virtual reality technology, robots can imitate and even surpass the experience of people and people. By then, "communicating" with sex doll robots may be addictive and may even completely replace the relationship between people in the future.

Because, the sex doll may be the perfect lover you have ever seen: her voice and smile, the height of the three, and your partner's dream lover are not bad, she does not need to be responsible and too much attention, will not become 剁Hand family, will not age and gain weight, do not come to vacation, do not lose temper.

Maybe in the future, humans can also marry sex doll robots, eat together, watch movies, walk dogs, and watch the sunrise and sunset together. Future sex doll robots may try to communicate with humans. They try to change their feelings and read human psychological changes, such as emotional speech synthesis, so that robots gradually have personality characteristics and even satisfaction in emotional expression and emotional communication. Human physiological needs, this is the development direction of intelligent machines.