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Can A Sex Doll Be Considered A Normal Phenomenon



Sex dolls are the norm, but in this "normal" is the man/woman disagreement. Being a straight man means being different from a straight girl. For example, before he gets married, a straight man should not be a virgin: in fact, a man who saves himself for marriage will be positioned as strange or "abnormal." Before he finds his wife, a man must have been to a prostitute at least a few times! But a straight daughter (at least until recently) means a virgin. Even people on these days are more tolerant of lecherous straight men than mixed straight women. In Australia, we have this proverb, an "onion." This is a woman who likes to have sex with more than one sex doll at a time.

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Few onions will publicly promote their preferences, although you can rely on all the people present to promote the word sex doll. Afterwards, onions became social untouchables, transcending all redemption. But what about the guy who went to bed with 2 or 3 women at a time? Hey, he will be a bloody hero! So: For a woman, being a heterosexual means obeying many rules and acting with caution. For a man, anyway, as long as you are single, it means you can do whatever you like and take what you can get. Now, loving a sex doll can be seen as a normal phenomenon. I think I have asked this in the past but it doesn't matter, I will ask again.

2019-07-17 23:32:59

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