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Need Some Skills for Sex Doll Makeup



Makeup for sex dolls is an art. Like all art, it requires a certain amount of skill and a certain degree of skill. Whether you have the talent is up to you, and how much work you put into the art. Fortunately, the face is very tolerant. Even those who have little or no talent like me can do some makeup. Get lipstick from different companies. What I got from Maybelline was more "kissing" than I bought from Avon. The same is true for powder makeup. Get some different brands and some different colors. Start small and practice a lot. The more you practice, the better you will be. There was a time when I couldn't even pick my own clothes.

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You need to keep a healthy supply of wet wipes and use them carefully, especially around the eyes of sex doll. Start with a clean surface and then carefully clean when changing colors or textures. Simple and cheap brush kits should be available at all retail outlets. Some cosmetic bags come with their own brushes and applicators. Note: I bought some lip liner colors that are basically crayon. They do not apply to silicones and may not be suitable for TPE dolls. The only thing I can do is to break the crayons. No makeup left on the lips of sex dolls.

2019-07-17 23:11:08

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