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Will Sex Dolls Increase Confidence



I have a question, whether the possession of the toy is related to your sudden surge in confidence. I noticed that after practicing my sex doll, I fully believed that I could get it from a woman. Any woman stole a snot and then owned a doll. Before the doll, when I was with a new woman, I had a meeting last time. Sometimes, a lot of time has passed. This will have a negative impact on my confidence, I can please her or last a long time. Now I know that I can wear that cat. If she doesn't go out, I will nail a sex doll from the moment she leaves.

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I am not an alpha male in any way, and may suffer in the days of cavemen. But it doesn't seem to matter in today's sex doll world. However, women of my age are still not very attractive to me, and I am not very attractive to them. It got older, but it beat the alternative. My sex dolls are all painted. Oleg's wife, Irina, made a permanent make-up for Dura. She has a "natural" lip color, so lipstick is the level of my makeup skills. I tried to repair powder cosmetics with clear silicone (left back), but the results were not ideal. Once the powder is "wet," as the silicone cures, it darkens and never changes. I don't want to try to shave off the silicone doll and start over because I am afraid to make it worse. It looks like a real burn of the flesh.

2019-07-17 23:19:52

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