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Shooting Sex Dolls in The Girl's Scene



Recently I decided to start shooting some sex dolls in the girl's scene. The first girl I worked with was a very cool, friendly and sexy adult star. She is from Florida and is called Kasady. She is still new to this sex doll shooting business, but I believe he will soon become a big name. This is our second time, this time about everything about Olivia and sex dolls.

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After we first shot the sex doll, we talked and I told her I wanted to be a girl on the sex doll scene. She replied very enthusiastically that she was very interested and really interested in the doll. The filming went very smoothly and she could not overcome the authenticity of these life-size dolls. The photo I added is a PG photo, but I did take some more specific photos. If the management determines, I will post an account link here. Otherwise, please feel free to send me a message, I am happy to share the link to the sex doll picture.

2019-07-17 22:30:37

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