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I have always liked to have sex with sex dolls. I suspect that there are many men who don't. It seems to be a remnant of the origin of our animals. But in recent years, I have begun to explore the arrangements for leading obedience and have achieved some very amazing results. Before anyone cries a foul. Let me clarify some things. I am not a woman's insult. I hate causing pain, except for occasional tapping, some women like it, so why not do it. I don't care about restraint, because I prefer that a woman's hand is free, so she can touch me. I do not advocate any degrading or disagreeing behavior between participating dolls.

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But recently, I have found that millions of women really like to obey in sexual behavior and really want a dominant male sex doll. I have deeply considered the origin of this phenomenon, I think I found the root cause. If you want to understand humans, look at other mammals. You will see human traits and emotions, we just hide them better. Among the animal kingdoms, the most desirable male is the Alpha male. The beast of the beast, he is the leader of the burden. Every woman wants to be with him because he is best able to provide food. In most species, alpha males bring groups together and ensure everyone's safety and survival, not just his partner. The silverback gorilla, as the team leader, will die for any member of his team until the lowest member of the hierarchy. There are some admirable and even cute features in men. If you want to be safe, you can make friends with the biggest sex doll in the room.

2019-07-17 22:46:34

Here is an example: What if you think my real sex dolls look too young? Or do other people think this guy's boy toys are under-aged? I'm not talking about pre-adolescent or adolescent children. I am referring to the appearance (doll) that some people may judge as too young. In many countries, the legal definition of a minor covers everything until a person is essentially an adult (ie, 18 years old).

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