Do You Want to Shower with Sex Dolls?

urdolls 06/25/2019

It is good to put your sex doll in the water or shower with her, but please protect her head or neck from immersion in the water. When you decide to take a bath with your sex doll, remember these important things: this is to keep her body dry and fresh, especially when you choose to install a heating system.

You don't want to risk using your hair dryer to blow dry your sex doll. TPE is relatively sensitive to heat. If your doll has a detachable head or other body parts, remove them and wash them properly. If the seller does not provide a cleaning kit, you can use a warm water and a mild detergent and any anti-bacterial soap mixture to clean the doll. Dry it properly before storing.

When transporting dolls, be sure to calculate the weight you carry. In general, sex dolls weigh about half the size of a real person of the same shape and size. Buying sex dolls has many different reasons, and in most cases, this is a one-time investment. Always make sure you choose the right product and enjoy it for the rest of your life.

The vaginal irrigator is used for cleaning purposes immediately after recommendation. It has different shapes, colors and structures. It can be used in the four steps explained below one by one. Try using cold water first, then mix the antibacterial detergent and move it toward warm water.

It depends a lot on the material made by your sex doll. Is your sex doll TPE or silicone? If it's TPE, you'll need to put more effort into cleaning because it's an incredibly porous material that naturally absorbs many unwanted particles. Use medium temperature water because some sex dolls are not heat resistant.

Do not run water directly from the head, and don't forget to disassemble the head because it does not clean the neck properly. Try cleaning the vagina with a synthetic liquid. Wash your vagina carefully and wash immediately after sexual intercourse. Do not hesitate to use an antibacterial cloth because it is known that mold and bacteria can grow in the dark, humid environment created by the manhole.