Method of Keeping Sex Dolls in Heat

urdolls 06/18/2019

Human perception has changed a lot over time. You can't compare sex dolls to anything else in the world. The rise of technology has dramatically changed the way we observe and have sex. In fact, these happy goddesses are better than women. This fetish is usually fixated on big ladies, not big, or even tall, for fat women.

I just started to pursue the idea of heating dolls. Does anyone use electric blankets? I looked at those and thought that "twin" might be enough. I still remember that "in the past" electric blanket is a fire hazard, of course, I hope that technology will develop from then on. If someone has used it, is there any danger just to put her down, wrap her up and insert it?

In fact, before I have any silicone sex doll, I don't believe that silicone can keep my body warm and warm, but it is really good. Electric blankets are available for TPE dolls. I have been using one, I just don't burn it hot. Many TPE owners do the same thing because the toys feel great when they are warm. There has been no problem with using electric blankets for many years. Good will automatically close after 10 hours. In addition, modern products have high temperature limits to prevent damage to older people with disabilities who may not be temperature sensitive.

Electric blankets cannot be boiled. As far as safety is concerned, I use it all the year round and change it once a year. I said because I also use an electric mattress heating pad under the foam mattress. The heat from above and below means that she is warm under the low temperature setting overnight, or when I get home from work.

The top turned over by the quilt allows you to warm her with a lower, safer setting. There are no warm dolls like fresh powder. I think it depends on the type and combination of TPE. I have never encountered a problem with my silicone doll, but I always choose a lower setting for a longer period of time.

Far above body temperature, much higher than a silicone doll that dares to heat me. Heat is the enemy of any polymer. Maybe the metal parts allow the heat to concentrate locally and damage the silicone? As always, caution is the key. You want to warm the doll instead of cooking.

Not sure if it will hurt the doll to wrap her in the blanket, but the heating pad will be placed on it. In addition, wrapping and unfolding dolls is much more than just pulling the blanket to the top. Keep in mind that most of the damage done to the toy occurs during the move, so rolling and unfolding the doll from the blanket will increase finger sticking, eyelash damage, cosmetics, etc.

The benefits of limiting the movement of the doll include her. If it's an electric blanket, my idea is more like putting her on top - in the center and wrapping the blanket on top to balance the heating. Just not sure if there is a safety issue at the top of the blanket when it is warm. Just looking for the most effective and cost effective method. She is not here yet, but seeing that she looks too hot, I hope she will at least keep warm.

Yes, I think it’s been too long to leave his sex doll under the blanket for his own approval. Although it may not feel very hot outside, the temperature inside the doll has reached a level that weakens the TPE structure, making it vulnerable. influences. Tears the hip when he spreads the doll's legs. But I am sure he will not want other people to make the same mistake.

There are different types of electric blankets, some are blankets and some are blankets. Someone bought a fluffy electric blanket, then put the doll aside and put the other side on top of the sex doll. Cover the doll with a duvet, it contains warmth better than nothing. (to prevent heat from escaping).

There is no safety issue with this type of blanket, it can be placed on it, so the toy is fine. Honestly, in addition to the winter months, spring and summer, your own body is warm, long enough to hug enough, and surprisingly makes the doll warm very well.