Sex Doll Robots Are Being Sold Around The World

urdolls 06/18/2019

Now, the surreal sex doll robot has been sold to customers, and its body parts can be customized. The starting price is $5,999. The sex doll company introduces a sex robot. She can tell jokes and speak down-to-earth language (currently only supports English and Chinese), and in the process of making love, a realistic sound and a true facial expression.

The head can be sold as a stand-alone product or attached to the body of a silicone sex doll robot, and buyers can choose from a variety of options. In addition to eye and hair color, body type and skin tone, customers can also choose to customize the shape and color of various intimate parts.
Now, the company has confirmed that the first orders for sex robots have been shipped to customers around the world. The company's artificial intelligence leader said that the sex doll robot is still in the research and development stage, and the second edition will have more progress.
He said: "The second edition will add some new features to the head, such as cameras for the face and object recognition, touch sensors for the face, embedded speakers and more facial expressions." Robots via Bluetooth and Wi -Fi is connected to the AI Android app.
Anyone can download the sex doll AI app to their smartphone, create an avatar, and start to build a close relationship with their virtual lover. The sex doll company claims that the future sex doll AI will be able to understand the user's emotions, preferences and behavior patterns, and respond accordingly, resulting in an intimate illusion.
When customers receive their sex robots, they can download the AI personality directly to the robot to make it look more like a real person. This app controls all the head animations, expressions and conversations. The head of the sex doll robot can also be fitted with a special Bluetooth speaker that makes her look as normal.

Although the body of a sex robot is currently inanimate, the company says it is working on several different sensors to add more robots to the user's way of reacting. These include touch sensors, accelerometers, internal heaters, etc., and even remote sex, a technology that can be used to remotely control dolls.