How to Make Makeup for Sex Dolls

urdolls 06/18/2019

Sex dolls not only look and feel real, but many people report it almost as much as they do with real people. Some models even have artificial intelligence installed to actually move or react to your movements or stress. And allows manufacturers to create very realistic dolls. Do you know how to make makeup for them?

If you want makeup for silicone sex doll. The first tools you need to prepare are cotton balls (sometimes halved) and pointed Q-tips. These are hard to find. Try a professional make-up shop. Various makeup brushes. For the eyes, I prefer dense, short, round shadow brushes (sometimes called hybrid brushes) of large size and small size.

I use a longer, soft sable makeup brush, I am at a trade show or a cosmetics supply store, mixing and brushing loose makeup when I add a small amount of translucent powder. I don't use color on the sable brush. A large and fat powder brush, I think I added a smaller version to a blush at a trade show.

I have a lot of brushes, from paint brushes to expensive makeup brushes, others are individually selected. I have been using my favorite brush and never used another brush. This is a matter of preference. You just have to try and find out what you like. If my brush is dead, I will be very sad.

The material you are going to prepare is 99% alcohol or as close as possible, with a brush tip liquid eyeliner - any brand that sells cosmetics for any brand, eyes, cheeks and lips with compressed powder eye shadow - any brand of works and anything you like colour. Translucent loose powder - Cosmetics can be purchased anywhere. Get the smallest bathtub and it will last forever.

Alcohol: Be careful, use it generously, or is it not a problem, because it has no effect on the doll?

Lip Gloss: (I am a sucker with a shiny lip). Can people get any luster from the store, or do they need to find a specific brand? Like water, or what you have. I don't know what the ingredients in most lip products are, but I always think about what can cause harm.

Lipstick: There is a problem with the same problem as lip gloss. You can say lipstick or powder makeup, why? If the powder is the first choice, is there a way to apply gloss on it? For example, on weekends, I want a real red with a glossy red color? Are there any cosmetics that are far from being difficult to fall off? Or don't you drink alcohol? I especially want to let sex dolls think about nude makeup in advance, I might want to try makeup.

Stick to the foundation. Powder and lipstick. Or is a basic makeup kit. You should be fine. Get some good brushes (blush) and don't forget good wig care, good brushes and combs anyway.

Remember that the doll's face has some background and a top seal. Be gentle! If you use a cotton ball, use a lot of alcohol. This will be cleaned by dissolution rather than abrasion and it will lubricate the stroke of the cotton through the face of the doll. I have used good liquid detergent and water, mild finger rubbing, and achieved great success. Be sure to avoid watering or running water on your eyelashes. The water will fold them and destroy them.

I want to use alcohol depending on the degree of sealing of the cosmetic. It certainly won't hurt the sealer. I do use disinfectant wipes. But I rarely apply eye makeup to her, her lips are well sealed and shiny. I only wash my face with detergent after taking a shower. For quick cleaning or finishing, I use a wipe.