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How to Judge The Quality of Sex Doll?

Alan Ted
Jul 16, 2019 18:45

Tool materials: two dolls, one glove, 

1, good quality dolls, beautiful appearance, face standard, cute. The fake sex dolls are dull, and the facial features are not coordinated; 

2. Sexual dolls have a large position due to joint turning. Many dolls are easy to crack under the armpits, and the use of doll materials is a large part of the reason. 

3, good quality sex play neck and head connection perfect, poor quality sex doll neck and head seams obvious; 

4, good sex doll joints can be positioned normally, bad sex doll joint material difference is easy to rust, easy to break, the skin has no toughness, no elasticity, easy to break when used; 

5, poor sex dolls when the lower leg is stretched, the material is easy to break, and the space is too large to use; 

Note: Follow the instructions when using a silicone sex doll.